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First Contact Chronicle:

Military Intelligence reports

First contact report
Urgent. Secret. Erase after reading. Within the borders of our empire ships of unknown design where spoted. Our agents in the field have reported that hail attempts failed - simply ignored. Such vessels signature were reported within other empires domain. Department of Military Intelligence is trying to give them a threat level.

First military engagement report
Urgent. Secret. Erase after reading. Military Intelligence reporting: Unknown ships maneuvers were treated as aggressive. Engage command was sent to nearby patrolling squads. All attack attempts failed. Battle computers cannot lock on targets. Using most destructive available weaponry in manual guidance mode recommended.

Attack failure report
Urgent. Secret. Erase after reading. Military Intelligence report: All attempts to target unknown vessels using torpedoes in manual mode have failed. The torpedos appeared to vanish when close to the targets. There was an unusual reaction to our attacks - all systems on the attacking ships were disrupted, except life support. Investigation in progress.

Official Traders Message

WARNING! This message is forwarded to ALL EMPIRES in this galaxy. Humanity has developed far beyond its humble beginnings. You have reached a point where you can meet other inhabitants of the universe. In accordance with the THE LAW OF THE ANCIENTS, we will help prepare you for this contact. DO NOT try to attack our ships – it is useless. We can find a more constructive outlet for your desire to fight. Call us TRADERS.

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